samsung galaxy s2 wont receive picture messages

samsung galaxy s2 wont receive picture messages This morning I tried looking online for a solution and tried following the instructions I found here for the multimedia message settings.
You also need funding to pay for them as MMS are not usually included in SMS allowances.
I would suggest a call to Rogers to check to see if there is a block on your account.
Now what throws it all off is that a number of battery savers turn off cellular data when wifi is connected.
The picture itself downloaded after I selected it in the MMS and told it to try again.
This allows you to click the download link instead of it just showing the greyed out downloading box.
Just google the settings for your provider and you should be good to go Hoped this helped.
The phone also hangs on sending when I try to send her one but works ok as a staight sms.
I am with Telstra and I have tried calling 125111 3 times now and each time they check my settings and we practice sending and receiving a mms and all seems to work fine.
I get the notification that there is a message there but the it says it is only 6kb in size and fails on download each time.
I am now not getting messages from other Telstra callers so I think there might be more of an issue here than they care to tell me.
I have even tried online chat but they just direct me to the 125111 and I have to chat to an OS call centre.
I just been for a long walk with the dogs and streamed radio using Tune In Radio Pro without any interruptions.
Now when I add a photo I get the message that it is scaling it to reduce its size for MMS which is good.
Try deleting your old APN and starting a fresh one then to send a picture message.
It sounds as though you have taken a very proactive approach to trying to resolve this yourself which is really appreciated.
This is a great way to initialise the settings to get PXT up and running correctly.
By manually selecting the 2G network you will still be able to make calls and TXT messages but you will not be able to use data.
We also have this tool which will send MMS and Internet settings directly to your phone.
Lock message will stop a message from being deleted when you clear your inbox of texts.
Being able to send a PXT to yourself is a great way to make sure your MMS settings are set up correctly.
Updated my samsung galaxy sII to the latest version of android when I got it  and I just cannot send or recieve any mms messages.
When i receive one I get a link to go and see the picture but surely on a newish handset model I shoudl be able too.
There are way too many of these reports and not just on S2 phones either so I guess Tech Support need to get involved.
They told me take the handset into an o2 store and they will read the notes and check out the phone for me.
If anyone has some sensible suggestions please tell me I am tired of being fobbed off with the same settings over and over again.
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Originally Posted by tunie There are a number of apps on the market that let you bypass your data plan.
If you know of one that will allow you to send and receive MMS messages with mobile data turned off please let us know what it is called.
I was simply asking if anyone had found one such app that DOES work on the Galaxy S2 to turn off data but still allow MMS through.
Originally Posted by tunie You can add a new apn setting for mms and that seems to work for some.
This requires that sending of delivery reports has been turned on by the recipient.

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