samsung galaxy s2 hard reset without password

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How to Factory Restore Hard Reset or Password Wipe the Galaxy S II 4G Sprint Step by step instruction or guide.
Press and hold both the VOLUME UP key and POWER button until you see the blue android system recovery menu.
Wait a few seconds for the process to complete and it will return to the blue android recover menu.
This may help and only advisable if experiencing frozen or hang up problems when using or opening some applications you previously installed on it.
Take note this will delete all data from the Samsung l9100 Galaxy S II as a result of this procedure.
All the data you previously installed already been deleted and then the phone will then return to its original factory fresh default settings.
I try to factory reset my phone it tells me that my Samsung Account Password is incorrect.
They have password reset options that should let you reset your accont password for your phone.
So I downloaded the file on the mobile and directly started the firmware update process.
COuld this last update be the main cause and if so can I delete it after turning it on which I cant.
Now whenever I try to upload photos via USB they disappear from the phone completely.
Factory reset will turn your phone into the stage just like you got your phone at the very first time.
I have tried to overclock my samsung galaxy S 2 but now i want to get it back to factory settings.
Called Samsung Canada they told me the warranty on my phone is void because I bought it off third party.
After that I tried to factory reset as per the procedure define by you in the video but still the problem is not resolved.
Hey bro i tried to upgrade the os in my samsung galaxy s2 i777 and i ended up with two error as mentioned below and i am not able to start my mobile.
Right now i am in india i visited samsung service centre in surat but they straight away refuse to repair mobile since i purchased the same from usa with att connection.
I just got it a month ago it was working perfectly fine with any other sim cards but but yesterday i tried sending messages it failed.
Please let me know if i can do this other than by factory setting because i dnt want to do factort reset.
The first one I got the store had no idea what to do with and so warranty replaced it.
Many times I can reboot or remove sim card and battery and then re place them and reboot.
I had sync problems and high data consumption until I performed factory data reset with usb format option enabled.
Even Kies and windows not able to recognize the phone and not able to connect to Kies.
It happen whenever i put my phone on standby for more than 5 minutes it will sleep without i cant do anything.
I already backup everything but still thinking whether I should hard reset it or not.
Because Samsung upgrade it for me a week after I purchased my S2 due to error in memory.
My nickname is Todd and I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve your problem.
In the previous article we have gone through how to password protects your Android mobile phone with different lock options.
In Lock Pattern you are asked to provide the combination of dots which are arranged in grid to unlock the device.
But still you can have a try with the lock pattern until you remember some or atleast a part of it.
If you have entered the wrong pattern five times then you need to wait for another 30 seconds to unlock the device.
Tap on the Forgot Password option and you would be prompted to sign in with the existing Google or Gmail account information.
Gmail ID or the password is wrong then there is only one solution to hard reset your handset.
The data present on the added SD card will not be wiped out but you would lose your personal data or information or contacts stored on your phone memory.
When I read this it sounded like the password I used a year or so ago when i got my phone.
I know how it feels like when somebody loses his phone and people like you just keep it as if it was yours.
Now when I go to unlock my phone I enter the PIN exactly the same which I registered on the phone and it doesnt let me in.
Please help me and also reply with a copy of your reply of solution to my email address as well.
I have tried so many times keying in the password numbers but it doesnt prompt any forgot password option and how do I go to the recovery mode when I cant even pass through the password lock.
My daughter forgot her pattern and her lg enlighten vs700 droid verizon phone has locked up.
I forgot the pattern and I dont get the second option after 30 second with the option to unlock via e mail.
I forgot pattern n after too many attempts it requires to sign in throu my gmail i.
If you are in the same position check out this link to find out what your username and password is.
He covers more on the subject of value of mobile phones to consumers and gives insights to mobile buyers helping them to buy the right device.
This method is recommended when your Galaxy S2 is hung and you are not able to navigate across its menu.
I am not sure how useful the above method would be but there is no harm in trying it out.
I have tried to install a custom room and i got stocked in the screen where it says Samsung Galaxy S2 9100 and now the i have tryed everytihing and no luck.
My screen stopped working and i want to wipe the phone before sending it off for a replacement.
When you start you will have to add google account and install any apps you want.

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