samsung galaxy s2 battery failure

samsung galaxy s2 battery failure Some older versions are known to cause battery drain issues so an update might help you.
Set up the battery manager of your choice to control your WiFi connection by turning it off when the screen is off.
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Samsung Galaxy S2 replacement battery review Quick review between 1650mAh original battery with 2450mAh battery.
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You folks having these problems should calibrate your battery and see how you go from there.
Hoping it was the battery recalibration rather than the factory reset cuz that was a pain.
I downloaded betterbatterystats and found two processes being run pretty much constantly.
So for me what is happening is that a process is constantly sending and receiving data packets.
I wondered at first whether this was a faulty app so I bit the bullet and deleted all updates and downloaded applications.
I know of five people personally who have been affected by battery drain issues within the last month.
I have had my Galaxy S2 since June 2011 after moving over from Iphone and have absolutely loved the phone.
The 3rd person at JB HiFi to take a call from me did recognize the problem and said that resetting the unit may help.
Samsung have let the ball drop on this and I will wait to buy my next phone from some other company.
Backup all of your data on the phone and do a factory reset via Kies when you plug your phone in.
Sometimes a factory reset is all you need to put the new OS into place on the phone.
I jump to the conclusion that too much going on in the background and I came across the suggestion that you can limit background processes to zero by changing the setting in DEVELOPER OPTIONS .
But after reading this I left the battery out for half an hour before putting it back in and rebooting.
When i deleted all of my accounts the battery and overheating problems went away.
I probably would not have noticed it if I did not have my spare battery to compare it with.
I have been using Samsung GS2 for six months and recently been suffering from severe battery drain.
I let the battery drain completely and allowed the phone to automatically shut down.
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When i last was in Singapore i also bought alot of spare camera batterys and often its the same factory who produc es them.
And the bottomline is thats a cheap battery for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 cellular phone.
On the road to capture addtional pictures or to find your way out with maps its really helpful.
Samsung has decided to throw in so much new tech that we may have to spend some time explaining it.
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I respect what they have done here but I cannot say the same about the item itself.
This replacement battery has an integrated microchip that prevents overcharging and lengthens the battery life.
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