samsung galaxy proclaim keeps rebooting

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Its getting irritating that my phone can just be sitting then all of a sudden its rebooting up.
It was quite hard to narrow down which one was the culprit because I did all the abovementioned procedures at the same time without testing which of them works or not.
Another thread also mentioned that Dolphin HD browser was the culprit on their device.
I gave it to samsung authorised service for three times and finally got the mother board replaced.
Press the Volume up key on the left side of the phone and Home key simultaneously.
Flashing different ROMs did nothing to fix the problem so I put it down to either a faulty phone or perhaps a loose battery connection.
I pulled the battery out and bent the battery contacts very slightly down further.
Had bought an extended battery a while ago and suspected it might be because there is a bit of extra room in the replacement case.
I was going to activate one of our ST standbys with a different number until they get me my replacement one in 6 months.
I have had more trouble loosing my number if I switch it back and forth between phones when I have problems or upgrades.
I posted my problem there but it is not getting on the forum so ST is not disclosing the depth of the problem.
It looks like they are only allowing it to surface a few times but then the mod steps in and moves the conversation.
ST support follows a simple script and communication is difficult due to language barriers.
It means telling their computers that your SIM card number has the right to get certain services.
There were only two options when I went to purchase and I choose this phone because of the faster processor.
The wifi range is far better than my Samsung tablet and nearly as good as that of my laptop computer.
I especially like using Swype to send texts and the talk to text feature is great.
And before I knew how to lock the screen I would accidentally put it in airplane mode.
I was lured in with false advertising and half truths about what my bill would be a month with the iphone.
Keyboard takes some getting used to but it has autocorrect and word suggestions which is great.
I really like this phone its my first smart phone and I feel really special to have it.
Still learning the many capabilities of this phone and it was very easy and intuitive to learn to use.
The phone is fast to connect to the internet and it was added effortlessly to my home network.
This is my first smart phone and within an hour I was loading apps and using the features.
I needed a great way to organize and communicate within the constraints of one device.
I did not want to be shackled down by contracts binding me for years and years of service.
I had been wanting to upgrade to a smartphone for a few months and found the Galaxy Proclaim.
I switched to Straight Talk after finished my 2 year contract with another service provider.
A friend of mine has already switched service providers and gone out and bought this phone as well.
I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim a week ago and have been nothing but amazed so far.
I spent a few hours researching and reviewing on Saturday before making my purchase on Sunday.
This is the best phone that I ever owned and being on straight talk is the best move that I ever made.
I purchased this phone when it first came out for Straight Talk because it is a CDMA that runs on Verizon towers.
I wish it had a dual camera for self shots but other than that the phone is great.
So I purchased this phone through Straighttalk and the service is with them has been great however I noticed that the MP3 player will suddenly stop during mid play of the play list.
I purchased this phone after looking through several in the price ranged that i had picked.
I did not want to spend a whole lot but at the same time I wanted the phone to have features that I would use.
My phone is a Straight talk Samsung GALAXY proclaim and its really making me happy with Straight talk.
I have been very pleased with the phone as a cellphone and secondly as a smart device.
The size and service are great the weakness is the camera will not work with barcodes.
Has already had to be reset with Straight Talk to be able to place phone calls and has now had to have a factory reset as phone freezes so bad can hardly use.
I cannot afford to replace this phone but I will not be buying this phone again when I do get another.
And by the way I have not once got this phone wet or dropped it so this cannot be the issue.
It takes many running applications to create any kind of noticeable sluggishness and even then the effect is minimal.
It will continue infinitely downloading even if I turn 3G on after I hit the download button.
This helps a lot to save on battery and automatically compensate for changing lighting conditions.
I only note this because I found that my friends HTC Evo 4G does NOT have a light sensor.
You can download any available Android apps from the Google Play store just like any other Android phone.
I will be bookmarking your site in case I have further questions and to quite possibly broaden my own horizons.
Ok so I am having the problem of not being able to SEND a pic text without having WiFi and 3G off.
You can put music on your phone by connecting it as mass storage to your PC and then dragging your files to as if it were a flash drive.
I wanted to know for sure if I already have the cable the StraightTalk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim uses on hand or if I will have to purchase a new one.
I was able to skype one twice and now when i try the front camera does not come on.
I believe it is more likely you are mistaken than that there is a disabled camera.
I have a issue when I recieve animated picture text I get the sound but the picture does not move.
I have the same problem with it being unable to send or receive photos via the text messaging app.
I was ready to return this phone but then found your review and decided to keep it for now.
The phone worked fine and he was downloading apps and playing with it like anyone would do.
We have tried to take the battery out and put it back in and we have turned the phone on and off.
You might want to call Verizon and see if you would be able to keep your old number.
I got this phone approximately a week ago and this is what I did when activating my Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.
To activate I went to straight talks web site and followed the procedures to activate the phone.
SAMSUNG there are four icons and the light does not stay on to see which icon to select.
I bought this phone a while back and I am very pleased with its performance so far.
I would add just one thing i thought I would add concerning anyone who is already on a prepaid plan.
Was so easy and quick for me personally compared to past encounters with phone activation over the phone.
I live in the lower peninsula of Michigan and I want the 906 area code from the upper peninsula of Michigan.
So I cancelled out of that and used the phone number on back of the minutes card and activated over the phone via an automated process.
I thought I was getting somewhere reading yours but my issue was a little different.
I can get responses from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest.
I know how you said it will ask you if you want to download or automatically start downloading picture messages or text messages over the 160 limit.
I have been getting whined at forever from people because they say I am sending my texts as picture messages that they are forced to download.
If you exceed the 160 messages when you send it sends them as a picture message and forces the recipient to download the text.
If you receive a message over 160 it will download and show up like a normal single text if you have your data turned on and are in an area where the 3g works.
If your phone has data off or the 3g is not shown at the top of the phone the message will just show as downloading and you will have to wait until you have 3g service to be able to download the message.
I have the Proclaim throught ST and now that I have downloaded some things on it the gray icons in the top left corner never go away.
I do not understand why they disappeared and how to access them so I can use them.
However your idea to send docs to your PC to print is precisely how I would do it.
It should then appear on your Mac like a flash drive or external hard drive would.
You need to enter Handcent from the app button to get to a text interface that will rotate.
It appears this is the only smartphone through them that will work where I live and still have most of the features I was looking for.
The cavity on the front of the phone that looks like a camera houses a light sensor and proximity sensor only.
I have had this phone for about a year now and half of the time i want to throw it against a wall.
I have checked the regular settings and every other settings i can find and nothing has worked.
I have had these things happen on occasion when talking to people on other networks but not often.
I have also been out of town hundreds of miles away and then can talk to my girlfriend and the phone has never seemed to mess up in the same manner.
I used to have the non 3g phone from straight talk and my phone quality was a million times better and more stable than it is with this proclaim.
You can buy an extended life 2400 mAH battery for these phones off of ebay that are actually samsung batteries.
I have a problem with exporting my contact list to the sd card of my Proclaim phone.
On the ones I cant delete there is a little white circular shaped thing in the lower left corner of the album.
One of the things that really improved my battery life was when I removed a bunch of widgets I had accumulated.
I have a ZTE Merit from ST and my only issue with it is internal storage is just way too low.
Ok please remove your battery from your phone for a minutes then connect your battery to your phone.
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